Founded in the spring of 2008, UMCAN grew out of a climate change lecture series hosted by the University of Montana’s Wilderness Institute. Frustrated by a lack of student involvement in sustainability issues on and off campus, and perceiving a critical void in the ability of students to organize around environmental causes, UMCAN formed as a hands-on, outcomes-oriented organization designed to put ideas into action.

Who We Are

UMCAN is a community of over thirty active members who are dedicated to pursuing a greener future at UM, and beyond. As one of the largest and most active registered student organizations at the University of Montana, we serve an increasingly diverse student constituency that includes undergraduates and graduates from a range of academic disciplines.

What We Do

UMCAN addresses sustainability issues at the campus, community, state, and national levels. We offer a passionate and articulate voice for student environmental concerns in discussions with school administrators, city, state and federal legislators, and other policy makers. On the UM campus, we work closely with school officials and the student government, coordinating climate related events and campaigns that seek to foster a culture of sustainability. Off campus, UMCAN engages fellow environmental student groups, non-profits, and all levels of government in an effort to promote a clean energy economy, reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, and environmental justice for disenfranchised Montanans. In all of our efforts, we strive to increase student participation in the political process, inspire students to action, and train new environmental leaders.


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